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Great Bend – 4 Legs Up BBQ

Hometown food. Nationally known.

Unfortunately this restaurant is no longer open.

4-Legs up BBQ and Steakhouse, located at 2212 Main Street in Great Bend, Kansas is one of my favorite BBQ restaurants outside of the Kansas City area. If the award ribbons and trophies that decorate this pace are any indication, owner Kelly Wertz knows a thing or two about cooking great BBQ.  In fact, Kelly is no stranger to the world of competition BBQ. His cooking has garnered him quite a reputation as a champion.


This past December, on a trip to Hays, Kansas, I was delighted to see that Kelly had brought his BBQ trailer to town and was set up to sell portable food vendor style. This was quite possibly the best food you buy in Hays on that  particular day! I had a rib combo, including pulled pork and cheesy potatoes. When asked if I wanted any sauce, I told Kelly, “No, because it was probably going to be so good that I didn’t need any.” Later, I realized the mistake I had made, because even his BBQ sauce is award winning.

How can you go wrong?

Needless to say, the ribs and pulled pork were tasty, even when served up sauce free. And, I could probably eat about a gallon of the potatoes! I completed my meal with a Kansas State University Wildcat’s mint. Not only does Kelly know a thing or two about BBQ, but it seems he knows about great schools also!

 If you live in central Kansas, you owe it to yourself to make the trip to Great Bend to eat at 4 legs up BBQ, and who knows, if you’re lucky, you might find them in Hays, as well!

We talked with the Kansas Pork Association about giveaways for 2011 and came up with a really neat idea. We’re going to go pretty light on the giveaways until summer and grilling season. We’ve decided to go whole-hog (please forgive the pun) come summer with a really snazzy grill giveaway!

So, this weeks giveaway includes a recipe booklet that we know you’ll love. The recipes inside are tasty, versatile and simple to prepare. They include family favorites like pulled pork, ribs, pork chops, brats and Italian sausage. All recipes have 5 ingredients or less. Answer the question below, before Friday at 10 am to win.

What is your favorite lean cut of pork?

Until next time, swine and dine!


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  1. HMMM. I really love a good Loin…Oh what am i saying.. I love it ALL!

    January 27, 2011
  2. A nice center cut of loin is great cooked in the oven at 425 with a dusting of garlic, salt and fresh ground black pepper.Steven P

    January 27, 2011
  3. Congratulations Jennifer! Please contact our partner Jodi by email and she will be sending you your brochure packet!

    January 28, 2011

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