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Manhattan – Varsity Donuts

For pork lovers who want something a little bit different and unique,  I have got the place for you! Located in Manhattan’s Aggieville District, Varsity Donuts fits the bill.

At first glance, this place looks like an old bicycle shop, and in fact, they will rent you a cool classic bicycle so you can burn off all those delicious donut calories.  


This is a fun place to hang out. You can play a board game…or the piano if you like.

Of course, my favorite thing to do here is to eat. And my favorite thing to eat is the
Maple Bacon Log!


At first, you might think that this is an unusual flavor combination, but believe me, it is awesome. The salty of the bacon mixes perfectly with the sweet of the donut to make a taste bud sensation.  In fact, this is probably the very best donut I ever ate. Krispy Kreme has met its match.

The staff was friendly and accommodating and the vibe was cool.   I guarantee you that I will be back again as soon a possible.

Until next time – Swine and Dine!


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  1. LOL on Swine and Dine. This post reminded me of the ice cream/bacon conversation on #FoodChat (Twitter): Bacon balanced with ice cream:)

    February 25, 2012

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