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Spring Hill – K & M Bar-B-Q

Awhile back I had the pleasure of meeting an old college friend for lunch at “K & M Bar-B-Q” in Spring Hill, KS. It’s a place that, once you get into southern Johnson County and points south, comes with much praise for their excellent Kansas City style BBQ. Living and working around the PaolaOlathe area has taught me that K & M means quality across the board, and that comes up quickly in any BBQ conversation around here, so you know I never pass up a chance to eat there!

K & M is very easy to get to, as it sits right on the main drag in Spring Hill (Webster St.), just off of U.S. Hwy 169, south of Olathe. It has been a staple in the greater community for over 20 years, and I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon! Menu items such as the “Killer Combo” (a towering 3 meat sandwich) and weekly specials on more traditional American foods keep families coming in on a regular basis. The recently expanded eatery can now accommodate large groups of people in its rural-style décor interior, but if you want to eat the food elsewhere, K & M will gladly cater your event as well.

While on my latest stop at K & M, I had the always delicious and super-tender pork ribs, and like usual had no regrets! The sides are tremendously good, and the sauce is one of my favorites in the whole metro area. If you want to try some of their sauces or their rub and can’t get to the store, feel free to take a look at the K & M online store. Next time you are in the area and want some BBQ, or if you’re heading down Highway 169 and simply get hungry, make sure to swing through Spring Hill U.S.A. and grab a quick bite at K & M Bar-B-Q and see what has kept the locals coming back for over 2 decades!


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