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El Potro Mexican Cafe – Paola

If you’re around either the Paola area or the Lawrence area, and are craving some really good pork in the form of great Mexican food, you really need to check out “El Potro Mexican Café”!

Photo Courtesy of El Potro

This place first opened in Paola over a year ago, and has been doing so well that they recently opened a branch in Lawrence. In Paola, you can find El Potro at 602 North Pearl, (intersection of Pearl and Baptiste) or in Lawrence, you can find them at 2351 W. 31st Street (around the intersection of 31st and Iowa). You can also find them on Facebook, which allows you see the full menu and more picture of the place, inside and out!

The food at El Potro is a lot closer to “authentic” than a lot of “Tex-Mex” places I have been, but not so authentic that you need to worry about whether you’ll like it or not. I know “authentic Mexican” scares a few people off, but this is not to be feared!

On my last visit, I had, as you can see from the picture, the “Verde Pork Tamales”. I love tamales to begin with, and these did not disappoint. The masa was tender and moist, the chunks of pork were tender and lean, and they had the perfect amount of salsa verde in with them. If you’re not a tamale fan, but want some pork from El Potro, consider trying the “Carnitas Enchiladas Verdes”, the “Tacos El Pastor” (pork tacos), or a pork carnitas stuffed chimichanga!

This was my 4th visit to El Potro, and I have never been let down by them yet. The prices are affordable and the service has always been great at the Paola location (I’ve not eaten at the Lawrence branch yet). If that’s not enough, you also get a complimentary bowl of their delicious “Queso Potro Especial” cheese dip to go with your standard chips and salsa. In case you’re wondering (and I know you are) the chips and salsa are also very good at El Potro, which is something that cannot be overlooked when choosing a Mexican restaurant!

– Mike

El Potro Mexican Cafe on Urbanspoon

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