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Dave’s Pizza – Coldwater

My friend Clint Milliman and I took a visit to Coldwater, Kansas, to check out some cattle at Deewall Family Herefords.  We found ourselves passing through town at noon.  The pizza joint on the corner, Dave’s Pizza, looked promising, so we stopped in for the lunch buffet. For less than $7.00 we had all the delicious pizza we could eat.  If you’re looking for pork, this place will fill your appetite! My favorite pizza variety included pepperoni and pork sausage!

The story goes that at one time, Dave managed a Pizza Hut franchise. When the delivery truck failed to show up, he improvised to create his own delicious crispy crust and pizza sauce.  This stuff was so good that he eventually opened up his own restaurant-Dave’s Pizza! The restaurant is located in a huge old downtown building with plenty of windows and open space to seat a large lunch crowd. The service was friendly and the food was delicious.


One wall of Dave’s Pizza is decorated with a cool display of old maps. When asked why, the owner simply stated, “I like maps!”  The collection comes from the map inserts found in old National Geographic magazines.


Dave's Pizza Oven on Urbanspoon

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