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Bobby D’s – Emporia

Thanks to my real job, I had some time to kill in Emporia the other day, and it happened to be right around lunchtime, so you know I was on the lookout for some pork done right at a local eatery!  The name of the place I ended up at is “BobbyD’s Merchant Street BBQ” and it was well worth the time to stop in and give it a try!

Bobby D’s is located in old downtown Emporia, right north of U.S. Hwy. 50, near where KS Hwy. 99 crosses it. It’s a nice, clean place with a lively atmosphere and plenty of room inside. Since I was by myself, I pulled up a seat at the bar and ordered my usual go-to meal (pulled pork sandwich and fries) in situations where I am on a schedule and want something “safe” to order at a place I’ve never been to.

Both the sandwich and the fries were very good. I had no complaints about the meat or the sauce and would recommend the meal to anyone! If/when I make it back there, I will perhaps branch out and try one of the other enticing pork dishes on the menu, like “BobbyD’s Cuban Club” which consists of their pulled pork and sliced ham in a Cuban style sandwich, or perhaps the “Southern Pig Skins” which are traditional-style potato skins that also have pulled pork and BBQ sauce on them!

Whatever you choose, it looks to me like you can’t go wrong with this place. If you don’t mind getting off the beaten path a bit while traveling through Emporia, be sure to check out this place and their delicious slow-cooked pork!

– Mike

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  1. I too enjoyed my dining experience at Bobby D’s not too long ago..

    June 22, 2012
    • Jess #

      Great to hear, Ching and thank you for sharing a link to your blog!

      July 10, 2012

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