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Paola – We Be Smokin’

Typically, we don’t go to airports just to find a bite to eat, we only eat there because we are held captive on a layover and need to stave off hunger pains for awhile longer. But if you’re looking for some serious KC Style barbecued pork in eastern Kansas, you need not look further than the Miami County Airport (32580 Airport Road, Paola, KS 66071) located between Paola and Osawatomie, just west of U.S. Hwy. 169.

There at the little airport sits “We-B-Smokin”, a family-run BBQ joint that caters not only to Miami County, but to anyone that wants to fly their small airplane there to enjoy some delicious, slow-cooked goodness. Some say We B Smokin’ is kind of hard to find in an automobile, but it must be easy to find from the air. I’ve read that at one point at least, it was on the top 10 list of places for people to fly into to eat in the U.S.

I can certainly see why, as it’s clear to me that these people know how to turn a pig into some beautiful BBQ. They advertise it as “Sweet Smoked BBQ”, and that is no lie. The rub and sauce are both sweet, and the meat is smoked with apple wood, which never hurts either! On my latest trip to We B Smokin’ I had a combo sandwich with ham and pork. I also added a “single rib” order to my lunch, which, for a price of course, is something you can do at We B Smokin’, and I appreciate that!

Like usual, the food was excellent. The ham was tender, smoky, and not too salty. The pork was moist and tender as well and really had a good smoke flavor in it. The rib meat was excellent too, as it was easy to tell those ribs were cooked correctly and carefully! For my side I had fried mushrooms. However, people tell me that I need to try the fried green beans next time I’m there. Supposedly they are amazingly good!
An added perk of eating at We B Smokin’ is that normally, as you eat, you can look out to the north through large windows and see the planes come and go from the plane parking lot behind the building. On this day though, I didn’t get to watch any planes come in and land. Perhaps they stayed home because it was over a hundred degrees outside that day. It sure wouldn’t be because the food isn’t good!

– Mike

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