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Lawrence- Free State Brewing Company

As a K-State Alumnus, I truly believe that Manhattan, Kansas is one of greatest places on earth. That being said, there is one thing I like about that other city with that other university.  And not just a great sports rivalry; I’m talking about the Free State Brewing Company in Lawrence, Kansas.

 On a recent Saturday evening visit, we found the place to be packed (certainly a sign of popularity) but our wait time lasted just about as long as it took to sample a liquid offering.  Now, I won’t claim to be any kind of beer expert, but I do like many of the available products of this local brewery.

What I like even better than good drink, is good food. And I’ve certainly had some here.  Specifically, I recommend the Cuban Pork Sandwich.

 I’ve never had a Cuban sandwich I didn’t like. How can you go wrong with fresh dill pickles and delicious pork piled so high? I also had an amazingly good cheese soup made with Free State beer.  Pair the Cuban sandwich with the cheese soup and a wheat beer and you have a meal that you will not soon forget!

– Chris

Free State Brewing Co on Urbanspoon

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