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Kansas City – Gates Bar-B-Q

When foodies talk about Kansas City barbeque, Gates Bar-B-Q is one of the first restaurants to get a mention.  In fact, Gates is one of the places that have made Kansas City famous.

Gates got it start on the Missouri Side of the border in 1946 and now had six locations including one in Leawood, Kansas and one in Kansas City, Kansas.

Their website claims that one of their major reasons for success is their barbecue sauce. I would say that it is certainly different than what you get at most KC area barbecue restaurants.  Gates is also one of the very few KC barbeque eateries to serve mutton.  But I certainly didn’t go for the mutton, I went for the pork!  Specifically, I love ribs and I like to try them out at every barbecue place I get a chance to eat at.

The ribs at Gates come served wet (meaning that you get them with the sauce already on them). This is not my preference, but with the unusual Gates sauce, having a hint of chili, they were not too bad.

My wife Cristina and fellow blogger Mike enjoyed a late lunch at the downtown Kansas City Location and found the view and service to be above average.  If you ever find yourself hungry and near a Gates location, I would suggest you try it out.

– Chris

Gates Bar-B-Q on Urbanspoon

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