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Hutchinson- Kansas State Fair Food

If there is one place in Kansas to find all things pork in one place, it is the Kansas State Fair!

Held during the second week of September in Hutchinson, Kansas, is a true pork paradise!  Where else can you find prize show pigs and venders of every kind selling everything from trailers to transport your pigs, buildings to house them, and feed equipment to feed them?

When we say everything, we mean everything. Wonder what a Bacon Nizer is anyway?

And if  you’re like me, and eating pigs is more your style than raising pigs, heck, this place has got you covered too! You can find just about every pork related food item imaginable. From the traditional state fair corn dogs, to pork chops, ribs, pulled pork and even chocolate covered bacon, it is all available at the fair.

Bacon. Beautiful bacon.

And if you prefer to cook up your own pork, there were no less than four vendor selling grills and smokers of every kind.

Including this bad boy. Truck + Grill = Man Food.

While visiting the fair with my family, we tried ribs, pork burger, chocolate covered bacon, and Moink Balls (bacon wrapped BBQ meatballs).

Cheeesseeee. Oh wait, poooorrrkkkk!!!

One place that I would certainly suggest you eat while in town for the fair is Hog Wild Pit Bar-B-Q. IF you read this blog a lot, you’ll recall I visited their Salina restaurant earlier this year. The Hutchinson location is just west of the fairgrounds, at 2401 N. Main. In my opinion, this place is the best of the seven locations across Kansas.

If you like pigs, you can’t go wrong at the Kansas State Fair!

– Chris

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