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Celebrating Pork Month

Pork month.  October. A month near and dear to our heart.

Pork Month 2012 is coming to an end soon. Before it’s in the books, let’s take time to reflect with our friends who have, and still are, celebrating Pork Month for all of it’s beauty and wonder.

  1. Annie is celebrating with a Chili Lime Pork Casserole recipe and giving away a slow cooker from Kansas Pork Farmers.
  2. David is writing great stuff about our Pals of Pork in D.C. and offering two really cool giveaways.
  3. Nicole is doing a great job sharing yummy recipes  straight from the farm.
  4. Janice is sharing  the cutest pig picture EVER along with other porktastic information.

Pork Month is worth celebrating because having mouthwatering and juicy pork at our fingertips is something many of us take for granted. Only small minority of us, like our friend Jenny, really understand where our favorite pork cuts come from.

Moreover, only a few of us understand how important the pork industry has become to our health. Take Sarah, who states “pigs saved my life and my baby” in this blog post about her struggles with a genetic blood clotting disorder.

Improvements haven’t only occurred in human medicine. Recent research shows that U.S. pork farmers are using 41% less water on farms and have reduced their carbon footprint by 35%.*

How does that effect you? That’s easy. You can keep eating bacon for a long, long time.

And with that, we at Kansas Pork would like to thank you for celebrating Pork Month 2012. Thank you cooking up what our farmers grow to a perfect 145 degrees. Thank you for being our better half. And thank you for being a Pal of Pork.


*Per Pound Carcass Weight.

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