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Sedan – Buck’s BBQ

I first heard about Bucks BBQ about four years ago when I asked the good folks at the Kansas Sampler Foundation to put the word out as to where I could get barbecue in Kansas. A few people mentioned Bucks BBQ and Steaks, located just outside the ranching community of Sedan. Sedan is located in a small but unique geographic region of the state known as the Chautauqua Hills. This area is a must-see for geography and geology buffs alike.KPA Blog Pics 009

Bucks BBQ offers a respite for travelers, as you will find rental cabins and an r.v. park located adjacent to the restaurant.  The restaurant offers a cozy cabin style atmosphere complete with deer heads and a fine license plate collection.

KPA Blog Pics 015

My meal consisted of the three meat combo and two sides.The sides were certainly above average.  I like to order combo platters when available because they give me the opportunity to try a larger variety of pork offerings. I was pleased to see bologna on the menu at Bucks BBQ. For more information about smoked bologna, see my blog entry about Phelp’s Hog Heaven in Coffeyville, Kansas.

I was told that Bucks BBQ offers some fantastic pie, but I was too stuffed to try any. Next time I may go ahead and try the pie and then roll myself out the door and into one of the cabins!

KPA Blog Pics 017

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