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Lawrence – Ramen Bowls

Ramen Bowls, located on a downtown Lawrence side street at 125 E. 10th, was recommended by my friend Bekka as a place to find good pork in Jayhawk country.

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As the name suggests, Ramen Bowls features bowls of ramen noodles. However, these are not the starving college student cheapo pack varieties you are probably familiar with. These are humongous steaming bowls of oriental noodles that come in many varieties and flavors not found in bulk at the big box store. One of the possible additions to your noodles includes pork.  Ramen Bowls also has free pork wontons during happy hour (beginning at 2:00 p.m) and pork tacos.

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For the adventurous (and heat tolerant), they have a ghost ramen challenge. The official rules state “You have exactly 30 minutes to finish the challenge. If you puke you are disqualified and YOU clean it up! And you owe us ONE MILLION DOLLARS (kidding about the dough). If you share your bowl or secretly pour your broth into someone else’s bowl you will be disqualified and forced to wash dishes for two days. There is no milk. No trips to the bathroom or outside.” 

I’m not that brave, so I ordered pork belly tacos instead. The three tacos were so pretty to look at that it was almost a shame to eat them….but only almost.  My friend Phillip and I did devour them and they were as delicious as they were pretty. The pork was spot on and the sriracha aioli drizzled on top was the perfect complement to the tasty meat.

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Ramen Bowls in not where you would expect to find good pork, but it certainly a good option.

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