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Kansas City – Ponak’s

Here at “In Pursuit of Pork” we’ve touched several times on how many places there are to eat along Southwest Blvd in KCMO, but eating there and writing about it never gets old so I went back for more. My most recent trip took me to “Ponak’s Mexican Kitchen and Bar” (2856 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64108).

Ponak's photo courtesy of Ponak's Facebook page

Ponak’s has been located in the food hotbed of SW Blvd for about 40 years, and once you eat there you can see why it has staying power. Looking at the menu you’ll find pork served in several great ways, including shredded pork tacos, pork tamales, pork burritos, and the “Huevos Con Chorizo” if you’re in the mood for breakfast food at lunchtime.

While those would have all been excellent choices, I chose to try the “Carne Con Chile”, which is a generous serving of slow-cooked pork hunks in spicy red sauce, served over refried beans, all in the confinement of a bowl. You get that and a pile of corn tortillas to eat it with! It is overly simple yet totally delicious and satisfying. Throw in some tasty margaritas served by the pitcher along with some chips and salsa and you have about all you need in life!


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Kansas City – Pizzabella

Pizzabella, one of Kansas City’s very best locally owned pizzerias have two locations in the area serving up some serious pizza pork. The original location is in the hip Crossroads district just south of downtown Kansas City, and the newest location, opened in 2013, is located in the Mission Farms area of Overland Park, Kansas. The name is French for beautiful pizza.

The story, as it was relayed to me, is that the owner, a small-town Kansas guy, always wanted to be in the restaurant business. He was able to buy the Crossroads location from his former employer and has been fortunate enough to expand to a second location. Whatever the story, the wood fired pizza is excellent; but then again, I’m yet to find a wood fired pizza that isn’t!  I shared a delicious chorizo pizza with my cousin Sterling, a Kansas City pizza aficionado. We ate at the original location which features garage door design that allows nearly the entire front end restaurant to open up during favorable weather.

KC Blog Pics April 15 062

Our pizza included fresh tomato, basil pesto, pork chorizo, roasted red peppers, ricotta cheese and parsley.  Some of the other pork menu options include a charcuterie plate, a sausage pizza and a Prosciutto pizza.

KC Blog Pics April 15 060

The name of the restaurant was certainly reflected in our beautiful and delicious pizza. For more information on other great Kansas City area pizzerias’ check out our blog entries for Spin Neapolitan Pizza and Grinder’s Pizza.

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