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Kansas City – The Sundry

The Sundry, part grocery store, part restaurant, located at 1706 Baltimore Avenue near downtown Kansas City, bills itself as “the modern expression of a time proven tradition: the local grocery.”  They ask customers to “drop in for a tasty bite or shop for later. Discover something new or take home a familiar favorite.”

The Sundry is a new business providing locally grown and produced upscale goods and services to the Kansas City area. They have an eclectic mix of hard to find products and a changing variety of menu items inspired by different regions around the world. One day you might get Carolina inspired barbecue and the next day Brazilian style foods.  One thing that you will find at the Sundry every day is pork. In fact, they source their pork, as well as many of their other products, from a 4-state radius around Kansas City.

During my visit, I picked up some chocolate made locally fresh in Kansas City and purchased a shredded pork meal served on a large roll. The store also had an ample supply of locally ground pork and fresh bacon.  Some of their other fine swine meal options include one of my favorites, the Cuban. Which is described on their website as “Of The Earth Farm roasted pork & house cured ham, house-made half sour pickles, swiss cheese & dijon mustard on a Le Monde Bakery baguette.”  Another menu option is described as “Of The Earth Farm Berkshire pork sausage with house made sauerkraut on house made focaccia.” Sounds delicious!

Additionally, the store offers classes like making your own cheeses and making your own bacon. How can you not want to be a straight A student in classes like these?!

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