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Kansas City – Big Q Bar•B•Q

If you’re looking for a “hole in the wall” BBQ joint around Kansas City, consider trying “Big Q Bar-B-Q” in the Maple Hill area. It’s a bit off the beaten path (2117 S 34th St, Kansas City, KS 66106) but is not far from either Hwy 69 or I-635 and isn’t all that hard to find. I don’t think you’ll ever have to fight crowds to get into the place because it’s not in a high traffic area, but the owners must be doing something right because they just celebrated 30 years of business back in 2015!


Unlike some BBQ places, you do get table service at Big Q. It’s a nice place that was clean and I found the server to be friendly and helpful. I had the pork shoulder (sliced) and pork ribs the time I went, along with waffle fries and beans. The ribs were meaty and had good flavor. The beans were excellent and had plenty of meat in them, and the waffle fries were crispy and fresh. The house BBQ sauce had good flavor and would go well with any of their meats I think.

The pork shoulder quality was great. I thought the meat was nicely cooked and had a pleasant texture. It was served “wet” with a sauce on it (not the regular BBQ sauce they serve though) that I didn’t particularly love, but it was still pretty good. From what I understand, the rest of the meats are served “dry” so you can add the sauce on your own, which means I need to go back and try more things there!

Overall I found eating at Big Q to be a pleasant experience, and I would like to get back to and try it again during peak hours. It has a nice sunroom on the west side of the building that a large part of the dining area is under and I found it to be especially nice on a cold but sunny January day. The menu has everything you could want without being overloaded or confusing. If this place was in a busier part of town it might be more popular, but it perhaps would lose its “BBQ Joint” charm if more people knew about it, so we’ll just let it be our secret!

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