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Kansas City -Hawg Jaw Que and Brew

I’d been hearing about Hawg Jaw Que and Brew up in Riverside, MO, for quite a while, and reading some rave reviews of it, so I decided to go try it. While the place is on a fairly major road (address is 4403 NW Gateway Ave. Riverside, MO 64150 but Gateway Ave is also U.S. Hwy 69), it isn’t exactly easy to get to from the interstates. However, if you follow the directions of your GPS, you will get there without issues.

Hawg Jaw is located in an eccentric little building that looks like it could be a pretty fun place, especially when the weather is nice and you can take advantage of the abundant outdoor seating. They have a great selection of bottled craft beer and a creative menu that has a little more to it than just regular old BBQ.

On our visit we tried the “Hawg Trough Sampler” which is exactly what it sounds like. It contained a lot of pork (pulled pork, sausage, ribs and ham) along with a few other meats (turkey and beef). The meat was all pretty good stuff, but was highlighted by the ribs, which had a good rub on them and were cooked just about right. The fries tasted great and I thought the sauce was good too. An added touch as far as the food goes is that they serve it with Texas toast instead of room temperature white bread which you normally get with BBQ!

Hawg Jaw is also pretty close to the Argosy Casino, so consider checking it out if you’re ever staying at the casino or looking for a place to eat other than the casino. There’s some other stuff on the menu that sounds really good and there’s a cooler full of ice cold longnecks in there, so in my world that means it worth checking out again one of these days!

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Wichita – Bricktown Brewery

If you find yourself in Wichita and are looking for a fun environment to grab a beer and get your pork eating on, consider Bricktown Brewery. Bricktown is an Oklahoma City based brewery and eatery that actually has two locations in Wichita. On this trip to Ta-town I went to the “Wichita west” location (2142 N Tyler Rd) and tried one of their wood fire pizzas.

The pizza was appropriately named “The Carnivore,” as it was loaded with Italian sausage, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, hamburger and regular bacon for good measure. Needless to say, it was loaded with some pork, and it tasted great. All the meats had awesome flavor and the crust was just what you’d want from a wood fire pizza.


If you find yourself near Bricktown Brewery go check it out. It has nice drink selections and food that is several notches above normal “sports bar” fare, but still has a sports bar atmosphere.  If pizza isn’t your thing, perhaps consider the “Pork on Pork (bacon and pulled pork on a pretzel bun) or the pulled pork nacho appetizer!

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Topeka – The Burger Stand

A Yelp search for top restaurants in Topeka, Kan., will bring up a place called The Burger Stand. This name sound familiar to foodies, because there has been a very popular location of the same name in Lawrence, Kan., at the Casbah for several years. The Topeka location is located at 1601 SW Lane St., in the historic College Hill neighborhood near Washburn University.

Being curious as to if one of the top rated Topeka eateries would have any pork on their menu, naturally, I checked the place out! As expected, The Burger Stand offers a bacon cheeseburger, but deliciously unexpected, they also offer bourbon bacon cheddar cheese fries! Available in either a side or a basket, they make a bacon cheeseburger meal even better.

According to their website, “The Topeka location features outdoor patio seating, seating for over 150 and two fully stocked bars – one of which is in the back dining area referred to as ‘The Pong Bar.’ The Pong Bar offers Ping Pong Tables, Pool Tables, Foosball Table, a pinball machine and digital bar gaming.”

The Burger Stand is fun and the food is good. Check it out yourself the next time you’re in the capital city. Bring a big appetite and add an order of bourbon bacon cheddar cheese fries.