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Kansas City – Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue is located at 2900 SW Blvd. in Kansas City and is one of the city’s iconic barbecue joints. Danny’s father started Jake’s Barbecue during the late 1930’s and Danny started his own place in 1980. After a few name and location changes he wound up at his current location, where he has been since 2007.

Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue is open Monday through Saturday from 11-3 only, so the clientele is often made up of area workers, who are quick to fill the place up.  I suggest arriving early in order to get a good seat. This place offers all the traditional meats and sides you would expect to find in a Kansas City style barbecue joint. For pork lovers, this means meaty ribs, ham, and pulled pork, all of which can be ordered by the plate or on a sandwich. (See the menu here.)

If you are not familiar with this area of Kansas City, but you love great food, you owe it to yourself to spend some time on Southwest Boulevard. This area is also home to Rosedale Barbeque (another Kansas City classic) and El Patron along with several other great Mexican restaurants.  Additionally, this neighborhood is very close to the Crossroads District, one of the area’s most popular food, arts, and entertainment centers.  Check it out next time you are in Kansas City.

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