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Dodge City – Taco Trucks

Dodge City is an iconic American city with historic western heritage. It is the ending point of the great western cattle drives and the location for the classic western radio and television show Gunsmoke.  It’s a city that still retains, and is proud of its western flavor. The area is surrounded by cattle feeding companies, dairy farms, ranches, and beef processing businesses.

Dodge City also has a vibrant, thriving Hispanic culture. With that in mind, I was happy to take a recent business trip to this Southwest Kansas community, because I knew I would be in for some great Mexican food! My friend Andrea Burns and I visited several food trucks, located throughout the city. These food trucks are a fun an inexpensive way to grab a quick meal! For consistency, we tried the pork tacos at each location. Unique differences were noticeable at each food truck. Some tacos were spicier, some juicer, and some noticeably more mild than others. All were very good!

If you’re looking for a fun way to try out some inexpensive and authentic Mexican food, get the heck into Dodge, and check out the food trucks!

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