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Lenexa – Mad Man’s KC BBQ

Mad Man’s KC BBQ is a multifaceted barbecue company that includes catering, food trucks and a permanent location at the Lenexa Public Market. According to their website, “Mad Man’s has a simple philosophy – take food that we like, and make it awesome”.

I had the opportunity to enjoy their barbecue at the Lenexa Public Market.

The Lenexa Public Market is worth the trip, all by itself! Fellow Blogger Mike describes the place as a “community within a community”. Opened just last year, and in the same facility as the Lenexa City Hall, the public market is part food court and part farmers market. In the immediate vicinity, you will find brand new apartments, office space, restaurants and a hotel. If you are looking for everything in one place, this is it!

Madman’s KC BBQ serves as a cornerstone of the Public Market. I can’t resist barbecue, so I had the check the place out while at the Public Market! I ordered the two meat sandwich with pulled pork. If I was guessing, I’d say the pork was smoked pork loin rather than pork shoulder. My sandwich was served in a cardboard container, which was required to hold in the giant pile of barbecued meat! The delicious toasty burn just couldn’t hold it all!

My favorite part of the meal was the perfect level of Smokey favor! Often times, barbecue completely lacks a good wood smoke flavor, or the smoke simply overpowers the meat.

I realize barbecue is highly subjective, but Madman’s KC Barbecue smokes theirs just right! Check it out for yourself to see if you agree!

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