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Shawnee – Big Bam’s Burgers

In the older parts of Johnson County, you are prone to running across some old-school feeling burger joints and diners that still have some character. Big Bam’s pretty well fits that description. It’s a small, non-descript burger joint on the west side of Nieman Road (just south of Johnson Drive) in Shawnee, KS. As a burger shop they are obviously known for their beef burgers, but if you check out the menu you’ll see some nice pork options too.

I went in with the goal of trying the pork tenderloin. I figured if the tenderloin was as good as how people describe the burgers I would not be disappointed. It turns out I was right! The tenderloin was excellent. The breading was some of the crunchiest breading I’ve had on a tenderloin, which was different, but also very good. I went with the ‘Que Pork (you’ll see several “styles” of tenderloin on the menu) which is the tenderloin with BBQ sauce, pickle and onion. While the BBQ sauce flavor was not my favorite, it went pretty well with the juicy and crunchy tenderloin and pickles! The onion rings I had as a side were excellent too.

I’ve heard this place has some of the best tater tots around, and I also took note of the pork burger on the menu. I think it’s just a matter of time until I get back up there and try that combo, because if that pork burger is as good as the tenderloin, I know I’ll be in for another treat.

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