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Overland Park – Lemongrass Thai

My latest trip to go sample some pork took me back to one of my favorite places in the Kansas City area– old downtown Overland Park. When searching out great places to sample pork in various dishes, it’s easy to get stuck in the BBQ and pizza rut, so I busted out of the rut this time and went to “Lemongrass Thai Cuisine” in Overland Park.

I had the egg rolls as an appetizer and then went with the Yellow Curry Fried Rice with pork. The egg rolls were seriously the best I’ve ever had. They had ground pork and all the vegetables you’d expect inside, and the outside wrapper was fried to a perfect crispiness. The sweet & sour sauce put to shame the neon pink stuff you get at a Chinese buffet.

The Yellow Curry Fried Rice with pork was delicious as well. I decided to ask for “mild” on the heat scale just to be safe. At Lemongrass they let you choose from “no spice” on up to hot. I’m glad I chose mild, as it really let me experience all the flavors of the dish. The fried rice with yellow curry, pork, onion, and cilantro together were simply impeccable.

I will for sure be going back to try other dishes there, in time. Part of the reason I look forward to going back is I get to experience old Overland Park more. Once there, a person can check out Upper Crust pie bakery, Clock Tower Bakery & Café, or The Tasteful Olive, which has many infused olive oils, vinegars, and other unique ingredients for sale. I might even go check out the used record shop again too!

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