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Mound City – Garrett’s BBQ Burgers & Tenderloins

Garrett’s BBQ Burgers and Tenderloins, located at 827 West Walnut Street Mound City, KS, is a cool little small town gem. Located right off scenic highway 7 in eastern Kansas, Garrett’s is just a leisurely drive south of Kansas City.

As the name implies, Garret’s BBQ Burgers and Tenderloins has all your typical small town café fare. What the name doesn’t imply is that they have a huge variety of ice cream desserts, including, floats, shakes, and cones in a myriad of flavors.

I visited on a hot June day, and my only complaint was that the air conditioning had a hard time keeping pace with the thermometer….but I guess this made the cold ice cream so much better!

I’m a barbecue lover, so besides ice cream, I was there for some pulled pork! I ordered The Mix Half Pounder, a sandwich with both a quarter pound of brisket and a quarter pound of pulled pork. The meat was juicy and delicious and full of the smoke flavor that I enjoy.  The service was good, and the atmosphere was like you would expect from a small town eatery.

I hope to get there again, (on a cooler day), and enjoy some barbecued ribs. You should make it a point to get there too!

Until next time,


Paola – Beethovens #9


Beethoven’s #9 is a musical masterpiece. It’s also a pretty darn good place to eat!  This fantastic mother/daughter-owned, German restaurant is Located at 2 W. Piankishaw St., Paola, Kan., and is open Thursday through Sunday for lunch and supper.  I like this place so much that I’d consider it one of my top picks for pork dishes in Kansas!

The menu features no less than seven pork schnitzels (thinly breaded and fried pork loin), and several sausages. They also serve a multitude of homemade desserts and a full menu of Bavarian beers! A visit to Beethoven’s #9 is like a trip to Europe at your table!

I stopped for dinner during a motorcycle trip through Eastern Kansas, and I’m sure glad I did. My meal consisted of the Cordon Blue schnitzel (because what goes good with pork…ham, of course!), two sides and a delicious over-sized roll.  I couldn’t finish it all, and nobody has ever accused me of being little….so that says something about the colossal size of the meal. Next time I’ll be sure to eat dessert first, so I have room to enjoy it, and then will try a sausage sampler.

I cannot wait to make a return trip. I hope to see you there!

Until next time,