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Frankfort – Highway 9 Pizza & Grill

One day earlier this summer I found myself on a midday collision course with Frankfort, Kan., while out on the road for work. I decided to quickly look online while I still had phone signal and see exactly what food places I could stop at. I soon found myself directed to the Facebook page for “Highway 9 Pizza & Grill”. Less than 30 seconds later I realize that it’s located in beautiful downtown Frankfort (124 W 2nd St., which is also Hwy 9) and I knew I had found my lunch spot for the day.

Once I sat down and took a look at the menu I realized that the place had some serious pork eats, so I decided I’d better share it with you all. While they have “pizza” in the name of the place, and pizza is a terrific way to sample some pork, I went with the tried and true pork tenderloin sandwich (and fries) as my lunch. The long story short is that it was a very, very good pork tenderloin. Not only was the meat tender and flavorful, but so was the breading. It had just the right amount of crunch and substance to it, but didn’t get in the way of the meat at all either. It was seasoned just about right too. The fries were A+ as well.

The Frankfort community should feel very lucky to have such a great eatery in a small town. Nice new buildings with such a wide variety of foods and a full bar aren’t found in every small town in rural areas, that’s for sure. The music was awesome too, as the overhead speakers just happened to be playing some of my favorite “red dirt/Texas Country” music! If you find yourself in the area of Frankfort, be sure to stop in and eat or have a drink!

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Wathena – The Dairy Barn

The Dairy Barn has been a fixture on Highway 36 in Wathena, Kan., for years. It’s the local hot spot for a cold ice cream cone. For years, the Dairy Barn has been for sale, but it appears that owners have been found. Not only is the Dairy Barn a great place for ice cream, but it’s also a good place for pork!

Two nice options are a huge pork tenderloin and a sandwich called the triple pig.  As the name implies, the triple pig sandwich includes one half of tenderloin, one third a pound of pulled pork, and Applewood smoked bacon.

This sandwich is so big, that it took me little while to figure out how to tackle it!  If you eat the whole thing, you won’t leave the Dairy Barn hungry. In fact, you might not even have room for some delicious ice cream. I suggest you take a friend or two to split the triple pig with. Enjoy the triple pig and top off your meal with some cold dairy treats.

I look forward to trying the giant tenderloin (and an ice cream cone) during my next visit through Northeast Kansas!

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