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Kansas City – The North End KC


The North End KC, located at 910 E. 5th St in Kansas City, is rapidly gaining in popularity. In fact most of the reviews for this place are pretty stellar.  As the name implies, the restaurant and bar is located just north of the downtown area, in the historic Columbus Park neighborhood, an area with heavy Italian influence. In fact, the entire building is pretty noticeable, as it is painted with the colors of the Italian flag. The building is the former home of the La Sala Deli, and according to the North End website, has been an eatery of some sort for 90 years.

The North End has a menu with a lot of variety and they offer delivery.  Much of their recent popularity relates to their weekend specials. With this in mind, fellow blogger Mike and I had to check the place out. We ordered two of their pork offerings including the giant pork tenderloin and a sandwich called the trap, which includes capacola, genoa salami, mortadella, provolone cheese, and is topped with giardiniera.

According to Wikipedia, “The Italian version (of giardiniera) includes bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower and gherkins. The pickled vegetables are marinated in oil, red- or white-wine vinegar, herbs and spices.”

I’ll admit that I was a bit skeptical of the salad on my sandwich at first, but I’ll be honest with you, it was one of the best sandwiches I have ever tried. If you find yourself near downtown Kansas City, it’s worth the short trip to the North End KC for the trap!


El Dorado – Dilly Deli

Dilly Deli, located in the District 142 shopping building at 142 North Main El Dorado, KS, offers a unique dining experience. The building itself is a historic downtown building that has been sectioned off into a variety of stores and businesses.

Dilly Deli, shares its space with Brewco. Coffeehouse, which of course makes it a great place for both food and drink. I met my mother there for a late lunch as I passed through the area on my way home from a business trip. We were looking for someplace unique, local and tasty, and Dilly Deli fit the bill!

I ordered a delicious cup of house drip coffee and a tasty PoBoy Baguette featuring locally produced Yoder Meats including Pepperoni, Salami, Sweet Lebanon Bologna, and Amish Butter Cheese, Spread with Red Pepper Mayo Topped with Spring Mix, Black Olives, Cucumber, Red Onion, Tomatoes, all Drizzled with a Feta Vinaigrette.

Served on crusty, pressed bread, this sandwich closely reminded me of another favorite sandwich found at the North End KC.

If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee or a great sandwich, check out the Dilly Deli!

Until next time,




Check out the list of the restaurants across Kansas that Chris and Mike have reviewed. Find one near you and go taste for yourself! Please come back and let us know what you thought.

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Big-N-Small’s BBQ

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El Dorado
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Great Bend
4 Legs Up BBQ

Angelo’s Deli

Gella’s Diner and LB Brewing Company
Gutch’s Bar and Grill
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Hillsdale Bank Bar-B-Q

Indian Country Cafe

Bolling’s Meat Market and Deli

Kansas City
Artego Pizza

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ
BB’s Lawnside BBQ
Bichelmeyer Meats

Big Q Bar-B-Q
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Christy’s Tasty Queen
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The North End KC

The Rieger Hotel Grill and Exchange
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Free State Brewing Company
Hank Charcuterie
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Fireside BBQ
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Smoked Creations

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Jon Russell’s Barbeque
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The Snack Shack
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Pig In Pig Out
When Pigs Fly

Biederman’s Bistro

Yates Center
Smokey Ben’s BBQ

Wathena – The Dairy Barn

The Dairy Barn has been a fixture on Highway 36 in Wathena, Kan., for years. It’s the local hot spot for a cold ice cream cone. For years, the Dairy Barn has been for sale, but it appears that owners have been found. Not only is the Dairy Barn a great place for ice cream, but it’s also a good place for pork!

Two nice options are a huge pork tenderloin and a sandwich called the triple pig.  As the name implies, the triple pig sandwich includes one half of tenderloin, one third a pound of pulled pork, and Applewood smoked bacon.

This sandwich is so big, that it took me little while to figure out how to tackle it!  If you eat the whole thing, you won’t leave the Dairy Barn hungry. In fact, you might not even have room for some delicious ice cream. I suggest you take a friend or two to split the triple pig with. Enjoy the triple pig and top off your meal with some cold dairy treats.

I look forward to trying the giant tenderloin (and an ice cream cone) during my next visit through Northeast Kansas!

Until next time,


Kansas City – Doughnut Lounge

**This restaurant is no longer open.***


Inside Kansas City’s trendy Westport neighborhood is a hidden gem. This hidden gem shines morning and night. I’m talking about the Doughnut Lounge. Donut shop by day, Lounge by night.

They have all the regular morning classics like glazed and chocolate donuts, but that’s not what attracted me. I wanted the bacon! On their signature menu, I found a maple bacon long john, complete with a full slice of premium thick cut bacon.  This is what I’m taking about!

As you would expect from any good donut, it was soft and delicious….like a party for the taste buds. The salt of the bacon is a perfect complement to the sweet of the donut.

The Doughnut Lounge also features the Irish Breakfast, a Bismarck style donut filled with a whiskey orange marmalade and a bacon square.

Speaking of whiskey….the donut lounge features a full drink menu, featuring alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees. If you would prefer something besides a donut, the kitchen serves a light menu of breakfast options. A big breakfast includes two eggs, fried potatoes, toast, and not two, but three slices of delicious bacon!

Doughnut Lounge has a food truck located at 1250 Burlington in North KC, and is expected to open a Kansas location in early 2018. Look for them in downtown Overland Park, across from the farmers market.

Check out the Donut Lounge anytime day or night, to get your donut (and bacon) fix!

Until next time,


Olathe – MOD Pizza

If you like the concept of places like Qdoba or Chipotle, but want pizza instead of tacos, go check out MOD Pizza when you get a chance. MOD Pizza is a Seattle-based chain that was started by husband and wife Scott and Aly Svenson. They call their product “individual artisan style pizzas” and the way it works is they build it right on front of you just like the burrito shops; the only difference is the pizza then goes in a wood-fire oven for a few minutes after it’s assembled.

Now branching far from Seattle, MOD recently moved into the shopping and dining area near I-35 and 151st St. in Olathe (20152 W 153rd St, Olathe, KS 66062) so it’s very accessible from some major roads. They also have locations in Missouri in Raymore, Liberty, and North KC.

I timed the process on my stop at MOD Pizza, and it was about 8 minutes after I paid before my pizza was ready. I had time on my hands, but it looked so good I couldn’t wait and got a good case of mouth roof peel from my piping hot pizza, but it was worth it. The pizza is very good. The crust is crisp, yet a bit chewy still and the toppings I had were very good quality and had great flavor. I had sausage, bacon, and Canadian bacon along with some mushrooms and black olives on my pizza.

The subject of toppings leads me to another cool thing about MOD Pizza. No matter how many toppings you choose, the price stays the same ($7.87 plus tax at the time of my visit). With over 30 toppings to choose from and a set price, the flavor combinations are practically endless and also wallet-friendly! I think the idea of a flat rate is pretty neat, because you can only fit so much stuff on a pizza, so if you want 12 different things on it, you just don’t get a lot of each one, but all the flavors are there and you don’t get gouged for 50 cents per topping like some other places.

All in all, MOD Pizza appears to be a great mixture of the speed and fun of the burrito places with the satisfaction of a nice wood-fire pizza as your meal. When affordability is considered, I see MOD Pizza as a strong player going forward in the new “artisan” fast food scene.

Until next time,


Overland Park – Ted’s Cafe Escondido

Ted’s Café Escondido, a small Mexican chain that started in Oklahoma City, moved to Overland Park with much fanfare awhile back. I finally got around to trying Ted’s to see how their pork is. I was excited to go, as Mexican dishes made with pork are #2 only to BBQ when it comes to great ways to eat pork in my opinion! If you’re wondering where to find Ted’s, it’s southeast of the corner of 135th and Metcalf in Overland Park, so it is VERY easy to find if you’re in the area. They also have locations in northern Kansas City, MO (west of Liberty) and in Lee’s Summit if you find yourself elsewhere in the KC metro.

I would recommend finding the place if you like Mexican food. The chips are fantastic and you get complementary cheese dip with your chips and salsa. They also give you complementary, piping hot house-made tortillas too, and they were great too. I was there at lunch and ordered the lunch #1 and chose a combo of a taco and an enchilada. Both were filled with what they call “tender pork” on the menu.

The taco and enchilada were both delicious. The meat was lean and tender (I guess its name is fitting) and seasoned just enough to compliment the all the other flavors you have going on. The nice thing about their pork is you can get it put in just about any type of dish. If you want pork in a different form, they have Chorizo bean dip and Chorizo cheese dip to go with those wonderful chips, and I plan on trying some next time I’m there!

Pamona – Leroy’s BBQ

If you ever find yourself going through Pomona, KS, you should really make plans to eat at Leroy’s BBQ. Located on the north side of Hwy 68 in the middle of town, you can’t miss it, and you won’t want to miss it. I had the pleasure of stopping in there recently, while on a day trip with my 4-year-old daughter. She wasn’t in the mood for BBQ, but she can now attest to the fact that Doug (the owner) makes a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich!

I like a good grilled cheese too, but I stopped to eat BBQ, and I’m glad I tried it. I found the ribs to be right up there with some of my favorites back in the KC area. The pulled pork was tender and smoky, and it was served dry (the way I like it). The fries, beans, and the house-made sauces were all great too.

If you’re feeling the urge to eat pork, but aren’t in the mood for BBQ, there’s always the pork tender, and for those a bit more adventurous, consider trying the “Ultimate BLT” (BLT with egg and ham on it) or the “Memphis Burger” which is a beef patty (I know, not pork…) topped with pulled pork, cheese, BBQ sauce and an onion ring! They serve breakfast too for all you early risers. You might miss out on this awesome BBQ, but then again, you can always ask for some ribs for breakfast. The worst Doug can say is no!

Until next time,


Hallowell – Angelo’s Deli

On a recent trip through southeast Kansas, a particular restaurant I wanted to try was not yet open for the day. I called my friend Mike, originally from the area, and asked him for some other suggestions. He told me that I should try Angelo’s Deli in the rural community of Hallowell, Kansas.  Hallowell is located in an area once heavily stripped mined for coal. Angelo’s is the perfect place to get a bite to eat after a visit to Big Brutus, a gigantic electric coal shovel, visible for miles around and just a short drive northeast to West Mineral, Kansas.

KPA Blog Pics 003

Mike described the place, quite accurately, as the “last outpost in Cherokee County”.  Angelo’s Deli does have all that you would expect a deli to have in the way of your basic meat and cheeses, but they also have a kitchen with hot foods (including a pork tenderloin), cold beer, snacks and fishing bait and tackle. I began to order the Angelo’s Special, a sandwich with ham and two types of salami. Before finalizing my order, I noticed that it also came in a “super” with 30 percent more meat. If you know me, you know I’m all about more pork, so I couldn’t resist the attempting the super! This sandwich comes with a “secret sauce” that is somewhat similar to what you would find on a big mac. I was unsure if I would like the sauce or not, but as it turns out, it pairs extremely well with the pork filled deli meat selection you get with the Angelo’s Special.

KPA Blog Pics 007

KPA Blog Pics 004

The afternoon of my vist, the deli had a lively crowd of friendly locals, with much discussion of the day centering on recent wet conditions.  While researching the place, I came across a quote about the deli also being a good place to get information about fishing and even your love life.   Whether you need a bite to eat after a trip to Big Brutus, want to know where the fish are biting, or if you should bite the bullet and ask for date, Angelo’s Deli is the place for you!

Until next time,

Olathe – Austin’s Bar & Grill

If you happen to find yourself in western Johnson County, and are actually NOT in the mood for BBQ, but do happen to be in the mood for a good sports bar atmosphere you need to check out Austin’s Bar & Grill. They have 2 locations, one in Olathe (151st and Mur-Len) and one in Gardner (just north of Main on Moonlight Rd.) for you to choose from.

austins 1

If you’re in the mood for a sports bar AND some pork, then I suggest, while at Austin’s, ordering the hand-cut, hand-breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. The sandwich itself was very good. It was a slice of real pork loin, not just a large, pressed together “pork nugget” that was processed to fit a bun. It is served with parmesan dusted fries (delicious) and a dish of Horseradish sauce that I thought went great with the sandwich. If horseradish isn’t your cup of tea, then you can choose from many other additions at their self-serve condiment bar.

Austin's Olathe (pic courtesy of Austin's website)(photo courtesy of Austin’s Bar & Grill)

Overall, Austin’s is a pretty good place to catch a game and hang out with friends, and it just so happens to have some things on the menu that don’t quite fit into the “sports bar food” category if you’re in the mood for something different (and good).

Until next time,


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