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Topeka – HHB BBQ

After working a trade show in Topeka, I decided to grab some dinner before heading home to southeast Kansas. On a tip from fellow blogger Mike, I stopped at HHB (Hog, Herd, & a Bird) BBQ.

HHB BBQ is located at 906 S. Kansas Avenue, which is only a stone’s throw from the Capitol Building.  Although HHB BBQ is located in a downtown building, it has the typical barbecue joint vibe. As you walk in the front door, you will find a dining area to your left, a meeting area to your right, and a counter and bar area towards the back of the restaurant.

For the pork lover, HHB BBQ features pulled pork, pulled pork nachos and baby back ribs. Pulled pork can be purchased by the pound or on a sandwich, and ribs can be purchased on a dinner place or by the slab. I enjoyed the ribs and would order them again if I was in the neighborhood.  Additionally, many of HHB BBQ’s menu items, including meats and sides, are gluten free.

If you find yourself in the Capital City, check out HHB BBQ, and as it says on their lunch and dinner menu, let them “show you how were havin’ fun puttin’ it on a bun!”

Until next time,


Wichita – Bite Me BBQ

Bite Me BBQ, located at 132 N. St. Francis in downtown Wichita, was the location of a recent noontime meal prior to two days of business meetings. My good friend Keith and I checked out the place early on a weekday. The first thing we noticed was how big the place was, and how quickly it filled up. The lunch crowd obviously likes the place!

The expansive restaurant features a sports bar like atmosphere and a menu equally as expansive as the location. Obviously, I was there for the pork! I had the three meat combo with ribs, hotlink and pulled pork.

According to their website, “In a 2008 Quest for the best BBQ ribs in the state, Kansas Magazine named Bite Me BBQ as one of the best BBQ restaurants in the state of Kansas.”  That being said, there are a lot of new, and really great, BBQ restaurants in business since that time. I had to find out for myself if they could still compete.

I thoroughly enjoyed the hotlink, and the seasoning and smoke of the ribs was spot on.  Their website claims that they have “… the biggest spare ribs you will ever see fall off the bone. Our ribs cook for 16 hours.”

Now, I will certainly agree to the size claim, however my ribs did not fall off the bone.  As they say in the barbecue cooking shows, the ribs had a “tough chew”… this is unfortunate, because they were some of the most flavorful ribs I’ve had in a long while!  If Bite Me BBQ can work on the tenderness aspect  of their ribs, I’d say they would have a fair shot of competing for their 2008 title again. It was certainly tasty enough that I will give them another try.

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Lawrence – Biemer’s BBQ

If you’re in Lawrence you need to get in to Biemer’s BBQ and give it a try. It turns out you don’t have to go all the way to KC to get some really good pork in the form of KC-style BBQ! Biemer’s is very easy to get to at the intersection of 9th and Iowa, and is well worth your time in my opinion. It is also rated the 7th best place to eat in all of Lawrence according to TripAdvisor, so other people tend to agree that it’s pretty good stuff!

On my most recent stop I had the 2 meat meal with pulled pork and sausage as my choices, and then added a couple rib bones for $1.99 each. The pulled pork was seriously some quality meat that was cooked right. It was about as good as any pork you’ll find in the KC metro area. The sausage had a really nice flavor to it and the ribs were meaty and tender, but were a tad overcooked.

Overall, Biemer’s is a very nice and clean little place that sports some cool décor and a basic menu full of great smoked pork options and some great sides. I’d absolutely recommend it if you are looking for an unassuming place with simple food that’s outside of the busier parts of Lawrence.

Until next time,


Kansas City – Jones BBQ

If you are looking for authentic “hole in the wall” type BBQ, you need to visit Jones BBQ in Kansas City, Kan. It’s not a place to sit down and eat, as there is no place to sit other than a picnic table outside, but if you’re looking for takeout, or to put something in the cooler to save for later, this place is absolutely worth checking out. Located at 6706 Kaw Drive in KCK, Jones BBQ is only about 5 minutes from I-70 via Turner Diagonal south or less than 15 minutes from Bonner Springs on K-32.

Jones BBQ is run by 2 sisters, Deborah and Mary. They used to operate their restaurant in downtown KCK but after a brief hiatus from the BBQ world, they are back at it. After you order, Deborah pulls the meat straight from the smoker and slices it to order. This stuff is fresh, smoky, and authentic. I had a half rack of ribs, as well as some sliced pork and pork sausage. The ribs don’t have a lot of rub, but the smoke more than makes up for it. The sliced pork was smoky and tender and the sausage had great texture and had a little kick of spice to it you don’t see coming at first!

You can get the meat either served dry or with sauce depending on what you want. The sauce is really a very good KC style sauce so be sure to take some with you to use later. The menu is very simple but has good ways to get a good sampling of the full array of their BBQ. Overall it may not be the best location, but it gets a lot of business which suggests that the food is the real deal.

Until next time,


Pamona – Leroy’s BBQ

If you ever find yourself going through Pomona, KS, you should really make plans to eat at Leroy’s BBQ. Located on the north side of Hwy 68 in the middle of town, you can’t miss it, and you won’t want to miss it. I had the pleasure of stopping in there recently, while on a day trip with my 4-year-old daughter. She wasn’t in the mood for BBQ, but she can now attest to the fact that Doug (the owner) makes a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich!

I like a good grilled cheese too, but I stopped to eat BBQ, and I’m glad I tried it. I found the ribs to be right up there with some of my favorites back in the KC area. The pulled pork was tender and smoky, and it was served dry (the way I like it). The fries, beans, and the house-made sauces were all great too.

If you’re feeling the urge to eat pork, but aren’t in the mood for BBQ, there’s always the pork tender, and for those a bit more adventurous, consider trying the “Ultimate BLT” (BLT with egg and ham on it) or the “Memphis Burger” which is a beef patty (I know, not pork…) topped with pulled pork, cheese, BBQ sauce and an onion ring! They serve breakfast too for all you early risers. You might miss out on this awesome BBQ, but then again, you can always ask for some ribs for breakfast. The worst Doug can say is no!

Until next time,


Kansas City – Snead’s BBQ

Snead’s Bar-B-Q, located right near the border of Kansas and Missouri at 171st and Holmes, is an iconic Kansas City Classic. Bill Snead built the restaurant and brick pit (still used to this day) in 1956. Two additions later, and the restaurant will seat 200 people!

sneads.jpgWhile the interior takes you back in time a bit, so does the barbecue. It is on par with two other Kansas City classics, Gates Bar B-Q and Arthur Bryant’s.

Fellow blogger Mike and I ordered as much pork as we could eat, including ribs, pulled pork and ham. We also had sides including the beans, which according to their website “The smoke flavor in the bar-b-que beans and sauces is obtained by cooking them in large kettles in the brick pit.” Speaking of flavor, their sauce is “is an original recipe of Mr. Sneads dating back to 1956.”

If you are into Kansas City barbecue, you owe to yourself to try this iconic barbecue legend!


Overland Park – Fireside BBQ

One of the (relatively) new kids on the block in the KC BBQ scene is Fireside BBQ in Overland Park. Fireside opened in 2014, so it’s been around just long enough to gain a good reputation in the area, and for good reason as I found out on my visit there awhile back. It is owned and run by a former Overland Park firefighter who has a history of successful BBQ competition, as well as cooking for his fellow firefighters on a regular basis!

The place is tucked away at 10400 Mastin St. (just NE of the Hwy 69/I-435 interchange) in a location you’d have to be looking for to find, but it’s worth the effort to get there as far as I can tell. While it sits in an unassuming strip mall, the inside of Fireside is neatly decorated with lots of firefighting related memorabilia and décor (notice the lights are made out of fire extinguishers) that you’d just have to see in person to appreciate.

On my recent stop there, I had a sandwich with pulled pork and pork sausage on it, and added a couple rib bones to my meal ($2.45 each) just for good measure. I’m glad I did, as the ribs were terrific. All the meats were served dry, and tasted great. They paired well with the different sauces they had to offer. The fries were excellent too (and also good with all the sauces). I really can’t say enough that this place is a hidden gem that deserves to be held in the same regard as many of the other top BBQ joints around the area.

Kansas City – Danny Edwards

Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue is located at 2900 SW Blvd. in Kansas City and is one of the city’s iconic barbecue joints. Danny’s father started Jake’s Barbecue during the late 1930’s and Danny started his own place in 1980. After a few name and location changes he wound up at his current location, where he has been since 2007.

Danny Edwards Blvd Barbecue is open Monday through Saturday from 11-3 only, so the clientele is often made up of area workers, who are quick to fill the place up.  I suggest arriving early in order to get a good seat. This place offers all the traditional meats and sides you would expect to find in a Kansas City style barbecue joint. For pork lovers, this means meaty ribs, ham, and pulled pork, all of which can be ordered by the plate or on a sandwich. (See the menu here.)

If you are not familiar with this area of Kansas City, but you love great food, you owe it to yourself to spend some time on Southwest Boulevard. This area is also home to Rosedale Barbeque (another Kansas City classic) and El Patron along with several other great Mexican restaurants.  Additionally, this neighborhood is very close to the Crossroads District, one of the area’s most popular food, arts, and entertainment centers.  Check it out next time you are in Kansas City.

Shawnee – Blind Box BBQ

Recently I had the pleasure of trying a new BBQ place here in the KC metro called Blind Box BBQ. It’s pretty easy to find if you’re in the area, as it is about 2.5 miles east of I-435, located off Shawnee Mission Parkway and Pflumm, in the Mill Creek Shopping Center. (3214 w 62nd Terrace, Shawnee)

People had been mostly raving about it online so I was pretty excited to get up there and try it out. I must say, if you enjoy lots of drink options, a lively atmosphere, and a nice clean place to eat, you maybe should be interested in Blind Box. I should also mention that the food was excellent.

I had the Combo #1 from the menu which included pork sausage and pork ribs, along with burnt ends and 2 sides. My wife had a pulled pork sandwich and my daughter had a ham sandwich (not pictured). I sampled the meat from both of their sandwiches and though it was awesome. The ham really stood out to me for some reason. It was way above average as far as ham goes in KC BBQ places! On my plate I found the ribs to be cooked perfectly and the sausage to be made with good quality meat and seasoned about right. The sides we had (onion straws, fries, beans) were all very, very good too.

I really wish I lived closer to Blind Box because it’s the type of place I could see myself going to regularly, but I do live close enough that I will for sure be back pretty soon to start trying some more of the menu items.

Kansas City -Hawg Jaw Que and Brew

I’d been hearing about Hawg Jaw Que and Brew up in Riverside, MO, for quite a while, and reading some rave reviews of it, so I decided to go try it. While the place is on a fairly major road (address is 4403 NW Gateway Ave. Riverside, MO 64150 but Gateway Ave is also U.S. Hwy 69), it isn’t exactly easy to get to from the interstates. However, if you follow the directions of your GPS, you will get there without issues.

Hawg Jaw is located in an eccentric little building that looks like it could be a pretty fun place, especially when the weather is nice and you can take advantage of the abundant outdoor seating. They have a great selection of bottled craft beer and a creative menu that has a little more to it than just regular old BBQ.

On our visit we tried the “Hawg Trough Sampler” which is exactly what it sounds like. It contained a lot of pork (pulled pork, sausage, ribs and ham) along with a few other meats (turkey and beef). The meat was all pretty good stuff, but was highlighted by the ribs, which had a good rub on them and were cooked just about right. The fries tasted great and I thought the sauce was good too. An added touch as far as the food goes is that they serve it with Texas toast instead of room temperature white bread which you normally get with BBQ!

Hawg Jaw is also pretty close to the Argosy Casino, so consider checking it out if you’re ever staying at the casino or looking for a place to eat other than the casino. There’s some other stuff on the menu that sounds really good and there’s a cooler full of ice cold longnecks in there, so in my world that means it worth checking out again one of these days!

Until next time,