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Kansas City – Spin Neapolitan Pizza

According to a Pitch Magazine article, Spin Neapolitan Pizza has the best pizza in Kansas City. Now I don’t make it a habit of eating in franchise restaurants when there are so many wonderful and small locally owned places all over Kansas….but if it is rated as the best in the entire city….I have to check it out. Besides, a pizza is one of the very best ways to eat some delicious pork and Spin Pizza is headquartered in Kansas City.


According to their website, Spin Neapolitan Pizza has six locations in Kansas City, four in Orange County, California and one coming soon to Omaha, Nebraska. Unlike the bigger national chains, Spin Pizza offers unique menu items like flatbread spreads, soups, gluten free crust, non dairy cheese and a full wine menu.


While at the Lenexa, Kansas location at 9474 Renner Blvd, I ordered the Tre Carni (three meat) pizza with roasted meatballs, sausage and pepperoni. This pork lover’s pizza was delicious. The more I ate it, the better I liked it.


After my wife and I finished the entire pizza, I wished I had some more! Is it the best pizza in Kansas City?….I’ll let you know after I’ve tried all the rest!

Until next time,

Olathe – Austin’s Bar & Grill

If you happen to find yourself in western Johnson County, and are actually NOT in the mood for BBQ, but do happen to be in the mood for a good sports bar atmosphere you need to check out Austin’s Bar & Grill. They have 2 locations, one in Olathe (151st and Mur-Len) and one in Gardner (just north of Main on Moonlight Rd.) for you to choose from.

austins 1

If you’re in the mood for a sports bar AND some pork, then I suggest, while at Austin’s, ordering the hand-cut, hand-breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. The sandwich itself was very good. It was a slice of real pork loin, not just a large, pressed together “pork nugget” that was processed to fit a bun. It is served with parmesan dusted fries (delicious) and a dish of Horseradish sauce that I thought went great with the sandwich. If horseradish isn’t your cup of tea, then you can choose from many other additions at their self-serve condiment bar.

Austin's Olathe (pic courtesy of Austin's website)(photo courtesy of Austin’s Bar & Grill)

Overall, Austin’s is a pretty good place to catch a game and hang out with friends, and it just so happens to have some things on the menu that don’t quite fit into the “sports bar food” category if you’re in the mood for something different (and good).

Until next time,


Grilling season is upon us friends!

To start off the season we are giving away three prize packs, yes I said three!

These prize packs include a “Keep Calm and Eat Pork” apron and a “Cooking for Comfort” pork recipe book. Both prizes are pictured below.

 contest photo

Here’s how you can win:

What is your favorite pork dish to throw on the grill?

Leave a comment to let us know your answer on this post.  The contest will close on Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 2:30 pm CST. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email, as well as announced in a comment on this blog post. The winner will need to respond to our email no later then Tuesday, May 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm CST to be eligible to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed we will select another winner.

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Hiawatha – Gus’

While out on the road for work a few weeks ago I ran into beautiful Hiawatha, Kan., to grab a bite for lunch. I decided to go to a place I’d been to before and liked, a place called Gus’ in downtown Hiawatha.

I walked up to the door and saw that pulled pork was the special that day, and became immediately intrigued. I asked the waitress about the pulled pork, and it turns out it’s something the owner has recently gotten into doing. While it was the “special” that day, it is available most other days, but there are no guarantees, due to possible supply shortages.

Gus edit 1

I decided to take the bait and try the pulled pork. I chose the pulled pork tacos with chips as my meal. I figured I might as well step outside the box and try something besides the usual white bread bun with my pulled pork.

The tacos were very good it turns out. They were nothing but pulled pork, BBQ sauce and freshly cooked onion straws in a soft taco. While some people might prefer other additions to the taco, I found it to be fine the way it was. The meat was very good, as it was not just some overcooked gruel spooned from a crockpot, but rather real, smoked pork shoulder that had been separated by the use of human hands using metal utensils!

Gus edit 2

Walking away that day, I felt like I would gladly come back to Gus’ and eat the pulled pork again, which usually means they’re doing something right. Feel free to give it a try if you’re up that way sometime!

Until next time,

Dave’s Pizza – Coldwater

The story goes that at one time, Dave managed a Pizza Hut franchise. When the delivery truck failed to show up, he improvised to create his own delicious crispy crust and pizza sauce.

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Stockton – Shirley May’s Deli

When I first moved to western Kansas, I used to like to stop in at a little friendly mom and pop corner gas station in Stockton, Kansas. It was a nice change from the normal franchise convenience store atmosphere.   Like a lot of small town businesses, I stopped by one day, only to sadly discover that it was closed. Unfortunately, the building sat empty for quite a while.

 This year, the old corner gas station was given new life as the  home of Shirley May’s Deli. The deli itself is not new, but the location is. Shirley May’s has long been associated with the grocery store up the street. The deli was originally located in the back corner of the store. The new location is certainly an improvement. There is ample parking and you no longer have to wait in the grocery check out line, just for a sandwich.

Welcome to Shirley May’s

My first impression was about how clean the place is. It may have once been an old gas station, but I think you could eat off the floors now. (Not that you would want to, but you could.)  My next impression was about the great selection. I counted nearly thirty varieties of cheese. The meat selection was any pork lovers dream.  Nearly thirty deli meat choices included sliced roasted pork, smoked ham, honey ham, black forest ham and maple ham. I didn’t even know there was maple ham!

Shirley May’s = Amazing ham and cheese selection.

 The price of a sandwich was $4.99, which just barely beats one of those yellow franchise foot longs. The food however, beats a franchise deli foot long to no end. I had a roasted pork sandwich with colby-jack cheese on fresh potato bread. My wife had a black forest ham sandwich. Both sandwiches looked and tasted absolutely delicious.

In addition to sandwiches, you can get a soft drink or cappuccino while you shop a selection of bbq rubs, spices and equipment. They also have a refrigerated case with salads so big they could be a complete meal on their own. Upon leaving the deli, I noticed a bbq smoker next to the front door.  How can you go wrong with a place like that?!

 Until Next time, Swine and Dine!

 – Chris

Shirley May's Deli & Catering on Urbanspoon
Shirley May's Deli & Catering on Urbanspoon

Hays – Gella’s Diner and LB Brewing Company

Van reads: This soccer-mom van is just a disguise. Its really clever, like a curly mustache and big glasses. We’ve got awesome food in here. We just don’t want to get mobbed.

As my wife and I were on our way to a mid –August wedding at one of the 8 wonders of Kansas, the St. Fidelis Church, we decided to make a stop in Hays, Kansas for lunch. We picked a hip spot in downtown Hays called Gella’s Diner and LB Brewing Company.  You would expect to find a modern, trendy joint like this in Kansas City or Denver however; it is a nice surprise to have such a place out on the Kansas high plains. In fact, I’m pretty sure this is the only brewery between Manhattan, Kansas and the Denver, Colorado area.

There were plenty youthful and outgoing staff members on hand to serve the two dozen or so lunch time diners. To satisfy my pork craving, I ordered the pork pibil tacos. The tangy and juicy pork tacos were served with two sauces, both a green and red chili sauce. I preferred the red, which hinted of a chipotle sauce. The juicy pork made the hard-shell corn tacos a bit soggy, and with that in mind, I would have preferred them to have been served up in soft flour tortillas. Or better yet, put that flavorful pork on a fresh bun and serve it up as a Memphis style pulled pork sandwich!  Either way, pork tacos are certainly a rarity on most menus.

View from Chestnut Street.

I would encourage you to check out Gella’s Diner, located in the Historic Chestnut Street District for a taste, and atmosphere, of something different.

– Until next time…swine and dine!


Gella's Diner - Lb. Brewing Co. on Urbanspoon