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Louisburg – Timbercreek Grill & Bar

While there aren’t many non-fast food places to eat in Louisburg, they do have Timbercreek Grill & Bar, so maybe quality over quantity is the way to go for them. I can’t say I can argue, as I found Timbercreek to be a one-stop shop for food and drink needs. It sports a menu filled with all sorts of basic “bar and grill” meals and comfort food, a full range of BBQ (and BBQ catering), and even brunch on Sundays. Throw in a bunch of TVs, a small concert area for the weekends, and a full bar and you have the entire array of food, drink, and entertainment possibilities that a town could need.

On my recent stop there I tried the Pork Tenderloin Sandwich (as it was the lunch special that day). This tenderloin was amazingly good, and wasn’t the size of a dinner plate either, which I liked. It was seriously one of the best I’ve ever had. The breading was crisp like KFC chicken and seasoned perfectly. The meat was a tender and juicy whole cut of tenderloin and not one of those chicken nugget-like pressed together things like you might find in a school cafeteria.

If you find yourself going through the area plan to stop in and try it out. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did. I am for sure going to head back down to try the pulled pork and the ribs some weekend, or perhaps the “chicken fried pork” dinner if I’m not in the mood for BBQ!

Until next time,


Hays – Gutch’s Bar and Grill

Gutch’s Bar and Grill in Hays, Kansas could be one of my new favorite pizza places. It certainly ranks high on my list of Hays restaurants.  Their specialty is wood fired pizza.gutch's1It is very similar in deliciousness to what you will find at another favorite, Dave’s Pizza in Coldwater, Kansas.  I would call Gutch’s décor half fine Italian restaurant, with the dark woodwork and Italian inspired photographs, and half sports bar with the metal ceiling, big screen TV’s and centrally located bar. This place is located in Downtown Hays within walking distance of Fort Hays State University. The prices are low enough that a college student could probably afford the occasional meal here.Gutch's2 I took my wife and son out for a meal and the ticket was only about $25 bucks!  We had a pork lover’s dream; a pepperoni, sausage and Canadian bacon pizza and a side of cheesy bread sticks.  I asked my host how long they had been in business, because the place looked relatively new, and he said about 10 years.Gutch's4 I can’t believe I had not been there sooner, but I guarantee I will be back again soon!

– Chris