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Kansas City – Grinders Pizza

Grinders Pizza located at 417 E. 18th St near downtown Kansas City is a local favorite. According to their website, they are “located in the heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District, serves up great food and drinks seven days a week. Check out our specialty New York-style pizzas, authentic Philly cheese steaks, homemade burgers, deli sandwiches, fresh salads, house-smoked specials and world famous Death Wings. Wash it all down with a selection from the most eclectic beer list in Kansas City.”

KPABlogsJan15 008

They have another restaurant, Grinders West, located immediately next door.  Directly behind Grinders is the famous Crossroads, an outdoor music venue featuring some of the music industry’s most famous acts. This place is a one stop shop for cool.  What is even cooler?  They have a pizza on the menu called the Le Hog.

This pizza is described as;

“A serious flesh feast! Creamy white sauce, 100% real crispy bacon bits, canadian bacon, ham, and meatballs.”

KPABlogsJan15 012

It would be pretty hard to pack more pork onto a pizza than you can get with the Le Hog.  They also have burgers, wings salads, and an extensive drink menu. Additionally, Grinders has been featured the Food Network television show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and the Destination America television show Barbecue Pitmasters, where they proudly represented Kansas City Style barbecue.

The Le Hog is delicious, the beer is cold and the concerts rock. This is a place in Kansas City you can’t miss.

Until next time,

Kansas City – Bacon Fest

There are only a handful of festivals across the nation totally dedicated to the love of bacon. As we all know, Kansas City has the best barbecue, but what you might not know is that it also has the best Bacon Fest! This is one of the most fun annual events in Kansas City! And not only is it great fun, but is also supports a great cause. Bacon Fest: The Other Fundraiser is a fundraiser for The Rehabilitation Institute of KC. This wonderful organization provides physical rehabilitation services to youth and adults in the Kansas City area.


A ticket to this year’s Bacon Fest got you a red plastic cup that could be used for all the Ameristar Casino micro brew beer you could drink, plus a sampling of bacon inspired dishes from some of Kansas City’s best eateries and caterers. Some of the delicious offerings included bacon brownies, bacon jam, bacon crème brule, bacon cheddar sausage and a whole hog!


Numerous other bacon goodies were available as well. If that wasn’t enough, there was also a bacon recipe contest, bacon t-shirt contest and a bacon eating contest! The recipe contest was won with a fantastic looking bacon apple pie. The bacon eating contest was won by spunky military wife from Nebraska. She really showed the boys how to compete!


As if this all wasn’t enough fun, there were two great sounding live bands and a shady relaxation lounge with fans and sunglasses sponsored by  Kansas City’s own Farmland Foods gave away their bacon slice samples and the Kansas Pork Association had trendy “stay calm and eat pork” aprons and gave away $250 worth of bacon to one local photo booth participant.

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The KPA also sponsored the grand and reserve prize packages for the recipe contest winners.  If there is any way to have more fun with bacon, I’d certainly like to know what it is! Be sure to put Bacon Fest on your agenda next year. You will not regret it. I bacontee it.

Until next time,


And for those who missed out on Bacon Fest this year, we haven’t forgotten about you…

Because you could win this book!


Here’s how you can win:

This recipe book has 125 “irresistible recipes” for bacon, but we want to know yours! What is your favorite dish to cook with bacon? It is the center of attention or the perfect garnish for that final touch? Leave a comment to let us know on this post.  The contest will close on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 4:00 pm CST. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email, as well as announced in a comment on this blog post. The winner will need to respond to our email no later then Tuesday, September 10, 2013 at 5:00 pm CST to be eligible to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed we will select another winner.

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Ottawa – Smoked Creations

I’ve found that passing through a town at lunch time (and having some time on your hands) is a great way to discover some hidden treasures in the restaurant industry. That is exactly what allowed me to find Smoked Creations a few weeks ago, nestled in an old storefront in the recently budding mom and pop restaurant scene in downtown Ottawa, KS.

Smoked Creations. pic courtesy of

Picture courtesy of

“Smoked Creations” offers up some authentic KC style BBQ just as you would expect, but also throws in some twists on the standard ‘que you’ll find at most BBQ joints. I think one of the main reasons is the owner/cook actually worked for years in Mexican restaurant kitchens before he took on this challenge, so you’re going to get a few alternatives to the old brisket or pork on white bread (such as the pulled pork chimichanga).

Smoked creations 1

One of those exceptions was a delicious little thing called the “BBQ Tornado”. When I saw it on the menu I knew I needed to try it. The BBQ Tornado is pulled pork and BBQ sauce rolled in a tortilla and deep fried (see picture). My only advice is to let it cool a bit before eating it if you value your tongue.

smoked creations BBQ Tornado

One cannot survive on BBQ Tornadoes alone, so when I saw a sandwich on the menu called “Pig Out”, I of course ordered it too, partly because of the name, but mostly because it is pulled pork, bacon, smoked cheddar, and pickles on Telera bread. I probably don’t need to explain how good this sandwich was, as the ingredients speak for themselves, but I’ll go ahead and tell you, it was good.

Not only were the meats good, but the Cajun fries were amazingly good as well (think “Five Guys” fries).  In my short experience at Smoked Creations I was very impressed, and would gladly go back, perhaps to try that “Pulled Pork Chimichanga”!

– Mike


Keep Calm and Eat Pork

That’s our motto here at In Pursuit of Pork  and we’re making a statement with our new aprons!
We know that there are many out there with the same motto and today on the blog we are giving away one of these new aprons to one lucky winner!


Here’s how you can win:

Football season and tailgating are just around the corner, and this apron would be the perfect addition to your game day attire. Leave a comment on this post below telling us what your favorite pork tailgating dish is. The contest will close on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 4:00 pm CST. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email, as well as announced in a comment on this blog post. The winner will need to respond to our email no later then Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 5:00 pm CST to be eligible to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed we will select another winner.

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Manhattan – Early Edition

Early Edition, a breakfast restaurant in Manhattan, Kansas is one of those places that people either love or hate….just check out the reviews.


Personally, I like it.  If you want a good traditional American breakfast, this is the place. In fact now they have two places.  One of Kimball Avenue in the Candlewood Shopping Center ( where my wife and I regularly ate while we were in college) and a new location in southeast part of town near K-Mart on . E. Poyntz.


On a recent visit, I enjoyed the Wildcat Skillet. The dish has all kinds of pork, including ham, bacon and sausage. When I included coffee and toast, it was more than I could finish! They also serve up all the other breakfast favorites, like omelets, pancakes, etc.


The west location is a favorite of many Manhattan residents and the east location is very convenient to those staying in area hotels. It sure beats eating at the chain breakfast restaurant down the road.  Try it next time you are in the neighborhood and give it your own review!

– Chris

Leavenworth – All Slabbed Up

Back in the fall I stopped in at a relatively new BBQ place in Leavenworth, Kan. called “All Slabbed Up” to see what it was all about. It turns out it was a great decision, as I found one of the best sandwiches known to mankind. It was pulled pork, bacon, and ham together with cheddar cheese in a Texas toast sandwich! I added a little BBQ sauce to it and it was close to divine.

photo 3

You pair this sandwich with some of their fries (more like skillet-fried potatoes) and you have something that is last-meal worthy! In fact, I considered going up there the day before our latest supposed apocalypse just so I could have an excuse to eat it.

I really have nothing more to say about this sandwich. I think the picture says enough! Overall, “All Slabbed Up” is a great place to eat. I like the atmosphere, and was really impressed with the quality of the food. The place is easy to get to, as it is on the west side of Highway 7/73 in Leavenworth at Muncie Rd. (across from the Ford Dealership).

photo 1It’s a fun little place that is putting out great food, and is a viable spot to keep in mind if the world is about to end and you have the desire to eat a lot of pork in a short amount of time!

– Mike

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