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Kansas City – SLAP’s BBQ

The Kansas City BBQ scene is littered with literally dozens of places that tried to stake a claim in an already busy arena, but could just never get a foothold, and slowly disappeared into thin air. On my latest quest to try all things BBQ in this city, I think I found a real keeper in SLAP’S BBQ (SLAP is the acronym for “Squeal Like A Pig”). Located in Kansas City, KS, SLAP’s is absolutely worth your time, and hopefully won’t be going away anytime soon. It might seem a bit hard to find, found at 533 Central Ave. in KCK, but it really is easy to get to. It’s just a few blocks west of I-70 on Central Ave., situated very close to the I70/Central Ave. interchange.


While finding SLAP’s is no big deal, finding a place to park might be. The parking lot is a bit limited on what it can hold, but there is enough street side parking that you can make it work. Trust me; you’ll want to go through the effort to park, as the food is worth it. These people put some serious thought and work into the meat (including pork OF COURSE).


The ribs were hands down as good as anything I’ve had in the KC area. The pulled pork was excellent as well. You can tell with smoked pork shoulder when the meat is fresh or not, and believe me, this stuff is fresh and of the highest quality. The selection of sides is pretty unique too, as they have twice-baked potato casserole, and hush puppies, two things I have not seen at any other BBQ places around here.


I’d recommend if you’re in from out of town perhaps trying the place at a time other than right at noon (and it’s not open in the evening), as finding a place to park and a place to sit will be a bit easier. Getting the meat to go is always an option too. Either way, if you’re into trying new and uniquely good Kansas City BBQ, you‘d be doing yourself a disservice by not trying SLAP’s.

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Kansas City – Q39

As the name implies, Q39 serves barbecue and is located on 39th Street in Kansas City. This is about where the similarities with other Kansas City barbecue restaurants end. When I had first heard about Q39 from a newspaper article, I was pretty skeptical. The author mentioned things like how hip and trendy the location, menu and atmosphere are. However, “hip” and “trendy” are adjectives not usually used to describe your typical barbecue joint. You are more likely to hear worlds like “old” or “smoky”.  Lord knows there are lots of old, smoky and rustic places in Kansas City to get good barbecue.

photo 3-1

One of the best, Oklahoma Joes, is located in an aging gas station. My guess is that Q39 creators Rob Magee and his wife Kelly knew that they were going to have to do something very different in order to set themselves apart from the many others.  If setting themselves apart was the goal, they most definitely succeeded! According to their website, “Q39 calls the eclectic 39th Street area home. Its neighbors are the Country Club Plaza, Westport, Downtown…)”  This is a part of the city  now home to a much younger and certainly more liberal crowd then the outlying KC suburbs. On that end, the décor is much more modern and hip than competitors.

photo 2-1

The menu includes a full bar, and many wood fired options. For me I chose to skip the salmon and salads and go straight for the pork!  When my barbecue plate arrived I learned quickly that I had better throw away all my preconceived notions about what a barbecue restaurant “should” be. Don’t let the eclectic crowds and fancy menu full you, this barbecue is absolutely fantastic. As it turns out, Q39 is home of Munchin’ Hogs, a competition barbecue team with one of the best track records in the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

photo 4-1

As a KCBS judge I know competition barbecue and I know the food served to me at Q39 could likely win any contest on any day. The ribs were delicious, the sausage was excellent and the pulled pork was absolutely perfect. In fact their pulled pork is the epitome of what Kansas City style barbecue is all about. Pair it with their traditional KC style sauce and you have a grand slam home run that flies out of the barbecue park! Do like I did, and throw away your old ideas about barbecue as fast as you can.  Get to 39th street and let Q39 teach you a new thing or two.

Until Next Time,

Overland Park – Jon Russell’s Barbeque

I was looking for a place to take my wife out dinner in the Kansas City area and found Jon Russell’s Barbeque. Jon Russell’s Barbeque is a newer restaurant located at the corner of 135th Street and Quivera in the Prairie Center Shopping Center in Overland Park. Kansas.  According to their website, they are “micro-smokehouse” which is a fancy way of saying that the restaurant is too small.  JonRussel's1You certainly can’t fit a large crowd here, but if there are only a few of you, it’s worth checking out. Owners Russell Muehlberger and Jon Niederbremer are award winning competition cooks with over twenty years of experience and an American Royal win! JohnRussell's3Pretty impressive credentials, but it shows in the quality of the food. The meat certainly rivals that of the best Kansas City Barbecue Society competitive barbecue teams. JohnRussell's4The ribs were fantastic and their side dishes were good also.  If you like great Kansas City Style Barbeque, check this place out!

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Arkansas City – Big-N-Small’s BBQ

Unfortunately this restaurant is no longer open.

My favorite barbecue restaurants have always been in or around Kansas City…until now.  I’ve found a place with smoked meat to rival much of what Kansas City has to offer.  The place is Big – N- Small’s BBQ located in Arkansas City, Kansas. bignsmalls5 The first time I had their delicious food, it came from a concession trailer they have set up during the warmer seasons in Winfield, Kansas, the home of the famous Walnut Valley Music Festival. It was so good that I had to try the original location at 1438 N. Summit, Arkansas City, Kansas. This place isn’t very big, and the service wasn’t extremely fast, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from checking it out. bignsmalls1The first thing I noticed was the fantastic aroma of wood smoke rolling out of a covered shelter behind the restaurant. The shelter holds their homemade smoker. Once my combo platter arrived I was excited to taste the same delicious wood smoke permeating through the meat. While the ribs were too tender for Kansas City Barbecue Society standards, they were still delicious. website snap shotThe pulled pork was way above average and my baked potato salad (with bacon) was an extremely good side. If you like your barbecue wood smoked, this is the place in southern Kansas for you!

– Chris